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Massage Therapy


Vegas Bodyworks specializes in intuitive body & trigger point therapy

Mila has worked with clients since 2012 and created Vegas Bodyworks in 2014. She works with everyone people that range from high-performance athletes, body builders, performing artists, and people suffering from any kind of harbored stress and localized pain due to trauma or injury to the Mind, Body and Spirit.

She's an honors grad and Alumni from Northwest Career College in Las Vegas, Nevada (2012). As an Empath with great compassion and a practicing holistic healer since she was young, trained in Reiki she draws influence from many of Life's experiences and also from Yoga&Pilates into a client's session to improve their overall state of Balance on the table - Becoming a Healing Art form.Please see the Rates page to make an appointment.

'When the body is free of congestion, it can flow properly.' -MVS